Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The One Who Would Be Sitting Beside Me In Jail, Saying "Whew! That Was Fun!"

 It's Linda's Birthday!  I got her this card.  It is SO us!    I made the scrapbook page below back when I used to do this sort of thing.  (Didn't we all?)   The pictures will give you an idea of the longevity of our relationship.

The top middle picture is of Linda and me circa the late 70's.  We were wearing these sort of wrap around toga things that we made.  The dark pictures to the left are our junior high daughters wearing them.  The top right pictures are of our granddaughters, taken in the mid 90's.

 The pictures in the middle are (l. to r.) Linda and I, our daughters (Middle), and the last two are of us again.
The bottom row : The granddaughters, Us with our daughters, And the dancing grandies!
 Here are some closer shots of the page. Click on them to embiggen them if you wish.

 Our daughters are now in their forties and are both single, successful ladies.  When their kids were little they liked to say (in the midst of the little kid hub-bub) "No wonder our mothers always drank wine!"
 The grandies are about to exit their teens.  Wish I had a recent picture of them together.
Linda and I now live in different parts of the country.  When we talk we always wonder how it worked that we were never sitting in jail!  I can think of a couple of times we should have been!  We met in a sorority and became immediate friends.  We are two of a kind and people who knew us well claimed that we were dangerous together.  They were right.

Later, she married my husband's brother and lived next door to us.  We had bells that we would ring out our patio doors and Loudly declare that it was "Wine Thirty!"  Ah, those were the days, My friend!

We "collected" phrases that indicated someone was not all there, like --
"He's a sandwich short of a picnic."   and 
"Her dip stick doesn't reach her oil." and
"His elevator doesn't reach the top floor."

Once we dressed alike at a karaoke party and sang, "Sometimes it's Hard To Be a Wine-O" (our corrupted version of Tammy Wynette's "Hard to Be a Woman" song.)

Oh, and one more thing.  I was Lynn Guinn and She was Linda Guinn.  I told her the only difference in the two of us was "Duh." I still call her Duh.
Happy birthday, Duh! Want to meet in Dallas again?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Big, Big PINK!!!

This is the Sundial Bridge in Redding CA.  It actually works.  It tells the time on Pacific Standard Time.  It is pink for Breast Cancer Awareness on this Thursday.  (As if there were a single soul who was not aware of this cancer by now.)
I found this photo on the Internet and I would give the photographer the proper props if I knew who took it.

Breakfast With Nicholas Mosse

 These little pottery bits came home with me in my suitcase.  They are from Ireland.  They aren't to be found any where else.    One can order them from their kilns in Kilkenny, but the shipping is as expensive as the pottery.  You can go check out the store by clicking the title above.
 Now and then I like to gather them around me and think of the emerald isle.
Guess I'll just have to go back.  I chose these items because of their size.  There wasn't much room in my bags.   I bought the napkins to make pillow covers.  I do that a lot.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'd Rather Be Sorry For Something I've Done Than For Something I Didn't Do

 My sister, Barbie and I went to see Kris Kristofferson a week or so ago.  She stayed up until midnight to grab us tickets on the front row.  I snapped this picture from my chair before he came out.  I kind of like the composition of it.  It was an intimate evening with an icon.
 He sang up every song we all knew, and spoke of some of the people who had passed through his life.  He told us of some of his escapades from his younger and wilder days, for the good times.
 I took these pictures of him after he was finished singing.  I didn't want to make him forget the words.  I wanted to help him make it through the night. He is 75 now but he was still sharp.  He was a Rhodes Scholar, remember.
The next day I went to visit my grandies.  I was in the grocery store with Rachel.  I spoke of the concert.  She said, "Who is Kris Kristofferson?"  Cheese and Rice!!  She had a cultural gap!! 

I sang her a line or two from some of his songs. Nope. Never heard it.  Not even freaking Bobby McGee!

When we were in the check-out stand, hoping to prove that she was lacking in knowledge of great song writers, I asked the check-out guy if he knew who Kris was.  No!  He had never heard of him!  Gah!   He said, "This guy will know.  He's a music genius.  Hey, Brice!  Do you know who Kris Kristofferson is?" 

Stupid kid didn't know either. 

That was when I remembered that when I looked back over my shoulder, the concert attendees looked like a bunch of Q-tips sitting in the audience.   Crap.

Friday, October 14, 2011

I Made My Son A Birthday Cake

                           Happy Birthday, Rob!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Who Says You Can't Go Home

I have been in Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plains.
Ever hear of Ada? 
I am working on a piece for the paper.  I will post it here when I finish it.
Then you will have heard of Ada.
Oh, will you have heard about it!