Sunday, September 30, 2012

Last Look at Front Garden of 2012

Before all this gets covered in leaves and then snow, I thought I'd take one last look.
                                         Eek! a bear!
This will probably still be fine for the fall.  They like the cooler weather.
Those lamb's ears just took over this year.  Must remember to thin them out.
I told this clover that I didn't mind it growing on my gravel path if it didn't mind if I walk on it.
Some of these will be coming into the house for the winter, but I'll wait until the weather guy says so.
Another lasting cool weather plant.  (From Wild Thyme Plants and Gifts)  owned by my friend Eileen.
I wonder if this guy will need to come in.  Probably.
This wine half barrel will not be coming into the house..
The hydrangea on the right will need to be cut back, but it will return next spring.
After living for over 40 years in southern CA, I had to learn to garden all over again.

                               Front porch.

These Black-Eyed Susans? have run their course, but look!  They have already reseeded and are growing more!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hexes and Curses

While on our cruise recently, I discovered that my little leopard print bag that I got free from a make-up counter was missing from my big bag when I unpacked in our stateroom.  The bag contained jewelry that I had made, pins and clips to tame my large amount of hair into something cruise-worthy when we went to dinner, and four wonderfully gaudy rings from Target that I was hoping would make me look as if I were dressed in a “formal” fashion.

I was sure I had put it in. I even “remembered” that I had placed it in a zip lock bag with my undies.  It just wasn’t there.  I spent the week making do and wondering if I had forgotten it or if a baggage checker took it out thinking that it was expensive jewelry.

When we returned home, I immediately looked for it.  It wasn’t here.  I began to grumble, calling the bag snoopers all kinds of impolite names.  I composed an irate letter to Alaska Airlines in my mind, as I unpacked.  Oh, it sounded good.  It was full of “furthermores” and vitriol.

I tried to imagine the thief’s disappointment when he or she opened the bag and found strange “steampunk” necklaces, obviously fashioned by some weird person. 

Then I remembered the really pretty necklace that my long-time friend, Judy had made for me.  Now I was livid.  I stomped up and down the house putting things in the laundry and hanging things up, snarling epithets and putting hexes on whomever took my property.
The husband who must not be named sat there looking amused because I’ll have to admit, I do pitch a good hissy-fit.

Then I finally unzipped the last zipper and there it was. It had been with me on the cruise the whole time.  How I missed it, I don’t know.

OK. I take back the hexes and curses.  Hope it isn’t too late.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Last Frontier

 We just returned from Alaska.  One week on the land and one week on the cruise ship.    I took this self portrait in our stateroom.
 Trains planes buses and automobiles.  We saw so much!  We flew up to Fairbanks and toured the city. Next we rolled down to Denali where we went on a sternwheeler tour and then a tour of Denali National Park, which is the largest in the US.  (Six Million Acres!) We enjoyed a dinner theater production of Mt. McKinley's history which was nice as we didn't get a single peek at the mountain.  Living between two mountains, I understand that they often get shy.  I think they fed us moose stew.
 We saw mushing dogs and their trainers,  Susan Butcher's home.  I liked this because she was always on my bulletin boards during the month of March. (Women's history month.)  She won the Iditarod several times.  We also went to some old cabins and watched the native people cut up their salmon for smoking so they can get through the winters.  (I couldn't figure that one out since their whole yard is a freezer!)
 We saw many beluga and orca.  I think the orca were trying to eat the beluga.
 Behind Rich is a calving glacier.  They pop and crack like guns going off! Then part falls off.  Very exciting!
 Our train went through Wasilla, where what's-her-face lives.  We could not see Russia.  Oh, but in one bar they had a drink called "I can see Russia from my house."  I did not order it.
                       On to Anchorage... We visited the Alaska  Wildlife Conservation Center, where we were able to see animals in captivity.  They were orphaned as babies so they can't rejoin their friends in the wild.  See this guy below? Hold out your arms in a circle in front of you touching your finger tips together.  That's how big his head is.
             Glacier Bay.   More calving glaciers.  I think this one was called Marjorie. Yes. Really.
 This sign was outside of a pub in Skagway.
 We got on the Diamond Princess at Whittier,  Went to Hubbard Glacier, Skagway, Juneau, Ketchikan,
 through the inside passage, and on into the beautiful Vancouver, BC, where we toured the city in a bus and let us out where they wanted us to eat.  Princess Cruises owns all  of the accommodations we visited, I believe.  They were very nice but they                                                                                                                          didn't let me stop at Starbucks for mugs ANYWHERE!

 They also didn't let me meet up with Lori E. :(
 My favorite little village was Talkeeta.  All of the scenery was breathtaking!  We visited with a lot of the local people in the many pubs we stumbled into.  The next week will be the last one for tourists and many of the workers were heading for the lower 48 for the winter.
 Here's to the good friends with whom we shared this trip.  Linda and Joe.  I have known Linda for over 40 years!  There was a time when she was married to Richard's brother and the only difference in our names was "Da" so I still call her that.
This was a nice sight to see after two weeks away!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I Am SO High Right Now!

This blog post is coming to you from 10,000 feet up in the air. Alaska Airlines. Woo Hoo!
Since I don't have a photo, I'll just send this one of T-Rexita wearing my glowing birthday gloves!