Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Altered Clothing

This is me. I got this dress at Ross for practically nothing. Love bargains. But the dress was a plain hankie dress. You know, thin white cotton with a little embroidery at the neck. I was going on a cruise through the Panama Canal and I needed a light dress, but you know how one must wear cruise clothes when on a cruise. (I have a carton of cruise clothes in case anyone needs to borrow them!)
OK, So. I cut some deep lace off of a nightie. That makes it vintage, right? I sewed it around the bottom of the plain dress, bringing it up to an inverted V in the front. Then I found a white fringed shawl in my closet, and sewed it on over the shoulders and down to a V in the front and a V in the back. By this time that plain little cotton dress was shimmering in the breeze. Next I sewed some not so vintage lacy flowers in various places and pearly beads all over the place. Now I was in business! This dress had a good time on that cruise!
In this picture I was headed off to an honest to goodness Tea Party! (Hence the hat.)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Fresh From The Groomer

I told them to cut all of her hair an inch long.
Out here in stickerland we just can't have all that hair. Especially when one walks so close to the stickers.
Um, yes. That is a doggy car seat.
What!? She likes to see out the window.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tuff Fluff

I can tell you right now that the white dog wins.

Lexie Thinks She's BIG

"Hello Big Guy."

What Can I Say? I'm Easy.

This is from the, “What was I thinking?” file.
I went to the pet store with my Science Teacher Sister because she needed something wormy and disgusting for her bearded dragon that she harbors in her classroom. As I wandered away from the icky wormy area, I came upon a little white ball of fluff looking quietly at me from behind bars. Her little black eyes looked sad, but resigned. A tiny licorice button nose completed the triangle of her face.
Now I don’t advocate buying puppies from pet stores when so many precious animals need rescuing, but this little thing looked like it needed rescuing, too.
I lost my seventeen year old Papillion only six weeks ago and didn’t plan to get a new pup quite yet. I was just looking at the sweet little thing.
A pet shop employee brought her out to me. A girl.
I would want a girl, if I got a puppy. She snuggled into my neck and sighed. Then she gave me a little puppy kiss.
What a sweet puppy.
But my life is so trouble free and exempt from responsibilities right now. I do not need a puppy.
What a sweet puppy.

The last puppy I had ate my dining room table and chairs. No. I definitely do not want some naughty puppy eating my stuff and piddling on my floor.

I left the store with the tiny Maltese snuggled inside a pink and black puppy purse. Yes, it looked like I was going to be one of THOSE women. I had a helpful book, Training Your Maltese Puppy” under the other arm. Not that I need a book about training puppies.

I had already named her Sofia Alexis Guinn.
She stayed close to me all evening.
Very close.
She woke me a few times during the night, but that was to be expected.
The next day I had a three-hour drive home from Folsom. She was to ride in her purse. We would stop for a couple of potty breaks, of course.
Almost five hours after our trip began, we pulled into the driveway of her new home. She was sleeping wrapped around my neck, as I supported her with one hand and drove with the other. She had had enough of that purse. Forever.
Since she wormed her way out of the purse and into my heart, her true personality has emerged. She tricked me with that quiet, shy, docile act she was putting on in the pet store. She is cyclone with fur. Yesterday she was playing tug of war with a curtain. I said, ‘Stop that, Lexie” and got it from her mouth. She prissed over to the bed and defiantly keeping her eyes on me she grabbed the bed skirt in her mouth. “Your mama!”

This is a moment from the depths of Lexie’s tiny head now. She’s clearly ADHD.

Oh look! Toes! I bite it!
Oh look! A pen! I bite it!
Oh look! An ice cube! I bite it!
Oh look! A pinecone! I bite it!
Oh look! A button I bite...Hey! Give that back!
Oh look! A big dog! I bite it!
Oh look! A stick! I bite it!
Oh look a magazine! I bite it!
Oh look! A pebble! Hey! Get your fingers out of my mouth!
Oh look! Oh look a kitty’s tail! I bite it!
Oh look a newspaper! I bite it!
Oh look a sock! I biii-- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
(Repeat process, adding other items to bite with each repetition.)
She’s no “Willy-Lump-Lump!” (as my grandmother used to call babies that just sat there like beanbags.)
No container is safe from her. She turns over wastebaskets, water dishes, and embroidery baskets and quick as lightening, runs off with whatever she gets in her mouth. She has learned that if she runs under the bed no one can get to her, and she runs off with Everything!
Speaking of under the bed, I store the extra long rolls of wrapping paper under there. Now they are extra big piles of confetti.
I keep bathroom tissue in a large copper container by each potty. She was delighted to discover the rolls of paper! They became her party streamers to drag all around the house.
Our house looks as if we own two-year-old triplets.
She is delusional, tenacious, and fearless. She playfully attacks our Rottweiler mix, Roxie, (who looks like a junk yard dog, I might add.) and shows no fear. Roxie defers to the tiny pest. Joe, our other dog, cannot even stand to look at her. He looks at me as if to say, “Why? Why did you have to bring this bug home?”
Last week, when our daughter and her family, which includes two Great Danes, visited us, Lexie made the Danes her playmates. She wholeheartedly thinks she’s Big.
I wonder about my moment of temporary insanity as I chase her into the horse pasture, slogging through mud, as she barks fiercely at the horses. I remind her that the book said she shouldn’t (a) run from her owner, and (b) go where it is dirty with that white coat of hers.
The potty training has begun and she isn’t having any part of it. Furthermore she isn’t even embarrassed when I am cleaning up her messes. No, she “helps” me by biting the paper towel. I think she piddles on the floor just to be able to play the, “Get the Paper Towel” game.
I swear I heard her whisper to the other dogs, “ Watch me get to go outside really fast!” And then she assumed the squat position.”
She also helps me mop by adding her three and a half pounds to the wet mop as I drag her around the floor. (Again with the getting dirty!) She requires many baths and they are an ordeal to say the least.
I’m exhausted. She doesn’t follow any of the rules laid out in the book. My whole life has changed!
I’m too old for this!
Then she gets sleepy and starts giving me those “suck, nip” puppy kisses. She curls up with her breath warm on my neck and falls asleep. My blood pressure drops to about sixty over twenty.
What a sweet puppy.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sweet teapot

OK, now I've gotten completely carried away! The following posts are all of the pink things I own in the world. (Well except for a hairbrush, but I didn't think you'd be interested in that!)

This means I can't do Pink Saturday any more. wah.

This teapot was a gift from one of my son's girlfriends 20 years ago.

Pink Rock

I found this rock that looks like a heart. Sort of. I wanted to experiment with a stamp. Perfect!
Now what do I do with it? It's too little to be a doorstop.


OH, I found this big vase that I decoupaged for my entryway when I had a big house. This is covered in handmade paper, (Made by someone else's hand, I might add.).
I tore the pink leaves out and scattered them randomly around this used to be clear glass vase.

Tenkiller Sunrise

Pink Sunrise over Lake Tenkiller in Oklahoma.
This is the sum total of everything I have that is pink. I thought I had a lot of pink in my life, but I guess I am more of a Scarlet person.
T-Rexita's purse. This was my house in Southern California, or as they call it up here in the Northstate, Damn Near Mexico.

Cancun Sunset

Pink sky at night is a sailor's delight
My daughter and granddaughter. Both pinkies.

Grandmotherly Pink

Here is my granddaughter, Rachel, putting pink strips in my hair.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Indulging My Dish Jones

Yeah, I've got this dish thing. My house is small since we moved up north. My china cabinet is full. Alas, now when I see a color and pattern that I like, I just get a couple of pieces. This is sitting on my kitchen counter. Doesn't it look nice there?
When the pupu/cocktail hour comes, I can put veggies on the plate around the wee bowl filled with Bob's Bleu Cheese Dressing. If you live somewhere that doesn't have Bob's, my heart goes out to you. I have known people to take it (on ice) on a plane to far-away lands.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words: 2nd Time Around: Auction Teapots

A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words: 2nd Time Around: Auction Teapots

Unusual Wall Hangings

I found these gift bags in the dollar bin at Michaels after Christmas. They are only about an inch and a half deep, and were meant for gifting picture frames. I got them because of their color and, well, because of the price, of course! I figured I'd come up with an idea.
My guest room needed a little something so I gathered these old photographs of my parents husband, and siblings, and made scrapbook-ish pages.
I put smaller pictures in the tags that were meant to be the to-from part of the gift. I put cardboard and tissue inside to keep them poofed out. They look unique and different.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Stereoptic Dohickie

I remember these at the Ada Public Library. When I saw it I had to have it. It is a significant memory from my youth.
In the summer, we walked to the library every two weeks and exchanged our books for new ones. I always looked at their collection of stereoptic pictures of people's homes and activities. I loved the library.
When we got home with our new books, we always spread a sheet on the lawn under a shady elm tree in our yard and read for hours. Having an avid-reader-mom was a wonderful gift for my brothers and sisters and me.

Antique Hunting With My Sister

I can't resist old books. Especially old school books. Here's the thing. If you put one of these books in front of an appropriate grade level child of today, 75% of them would not be able to read and understand it. Of course I AM in California, even though people in this part of the state will not admit it.

What a Find

This is the music from the first tap dancing performance I ever did!

I was 4 or 5 years old and wore a little white gauze pinafore with a glittery red apple on the bib.

Try to imagine how excited I was to find this!
We sang, too. "Oh Mister, have you got an apple on a stick, an apple on a stick, an apple on a stick?"
And , "I've got ten pennies for an apple on a stick..."
Now if I can only find someone with a record player!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Little Table Cover

This is my little table cloth from France. I got it on a 7-day cruise where myself and three girlfriends were the only passengers. Such luxury!
The bunnies are embroidered . The edges are appliqued .
I possibly got it in Fleurey, Gissey-sur-Ouche, Veuvey, La Repe, Pouilly, or Pont Royal.
While on this voyage, we ate at a lovely Michelin-starred restaurant. We got hysterical over these itty bitty circle bread morsels. We were wondering if they were napkin rings and we were eating them anyway. We laughed until we were weak. They were wasting their time with us. We are Philistines. Cretins.
Also I had a box of wine in my suitcase that I felt tasted better than all of Francois' wines he kept describing and pouring. I finally presented it to him and he was a good sport about it. It was then that I had to tell him that I didn't care for his 20 different kinds of cheese either

Easter table

My mailbox isn't the only thing I Easter up, of course. I got that little appliqued and embroidered cloth in the middle of the table (seen above. I'll add a close-up.) in a little village in France, somewhere along the l'Ouche Canal.
I went on a cruise through 57 locks and a looong tunnel with three girl friends.
Oh, yeah.
It was superb.
Gourmet food, three kinds of wine, six kinds of cheese, every meal. Yes. Even breakfast.
How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm now?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I have been neglecting my blog lately. Here is why. All of these dignified relations are visiting me in my casita. We also have two visiting grand-dogs, as well as several grand-chidlers. It's pretty noisy around here. Oh, did I mention the dogs are Great Danes?

I'm a Winner!

Lookie what I just got in the mail from Margaret of The French Bear! I was surprised at all of the goodies! I love them. Thank you, Margaret! You are both kind AND talented! :-)

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Guess which mailbox is mine! The first three people out there in Blogland, who guess correctly will win a little prize!

Have at it!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's All Part of Life's Rich Pageant

This was an old rusty, um, plant holder? Candle cage? Don't know, really, but I painted it and turned it into another thing I don't have a name for.
(My Sarcastic son had plenty to say about it, but we won't go there.)
I covered paper towel tubes with various patterned white paper and lace. I made clay tiles that spelled out Life's Rich Pageant, to which I refer often. I unmade some jewelry and added it here and there. Then I got a white dove and accessorized her with pearls and sparkles.

Poor Baby

Look at how sad this looks! She is stuck in there with her well adorned wing sticking out.


So I let the bird out.