Friday, June 11, 2010

Us. On board.

This is Shari and me. The last time I was in Ireland, she was with me, too. She is a fellow gypsy.
She and I taught in adjoining rooms for a few years. One day while I was being driven crazy by a good-natured but sometimes unruly boy, I jerked open the door between our classrooms and interrupted with, "How would you like to save a child's life today?" and sent the kid in for her to deal with for a spell.

This is Linda, another retired teacher, myself, and Shari's sister, Gail. Both of these gals are jam-packed with personality.

This is my seester, Barbie, with me. We are doing things to make our mama proud to have two dignified daughters, as usual.

Actually, this picture was taken at a lunch in a pub event.

Lunch on the boat. What? All we did was eat? Well my next post will be FOOD.
Food that made us moan with pleasure...

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