Wednesday, May 30, 2012


 First, if someone had told me when I was in my thirties that I would one day be taking pictures of flowers, I would have scoffed.  At that time, I couldn't believe people took photos of their DOGS,  let alone their flowers!
 OK, one dog picture, but why more?  They still look the same year after year.
 But here I am photographing flowers.  And not so adept at it either. The pic above looks like the bush behind the flower is part of the bloom.
 When I bought this little plant from Wild Thyme and Gifts, it was about 8 inches tall, including the plastic container.  It is about 3 feet tall now.  She is a Papaver Venus, double fringe!  I love fringe!
 Every day she grows her stem in different contortions.
 She opened slowly, taking her sweet time.  (I know. I am anthropomorphizing.)
 I thought this was the full bloom...
 But this one is amazing!
If she has any other tricks up her sleeve, I'll add another photo!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Prime Eclipse Vewing Right Here

 You can see that Redding is right in the center of the best viewing of the Eclipse of 2012.
 I was driving home from a visit with my mama and my sisters, when suddenly things started to get weird.  I was getting cold.  I NEVER get cold.  I began to get darker and the shadows on the road were not as pronounced as they had been.  A-HA!!
 It was the eclipse!  It had slipped my mind!  I got these photos off of the internet.  Hope nobody gets mad at me.  I was driving and couldn't take any.
 As I got closer to home I saw countless viewing parties!
I read in the Redding Searchlight that tons of people came here to get the best sightings.  Good for our economy.  I wonder if we can arrange one of these things every year!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Is There Anything Cuter Than A New Puppy?

 My sister brought this little girl home from a nice lady's house.  We spent all weekend picking out a name for her.
 She found the whole thing exhausting!
 She boinged all over the place and then dropped for a nap.  Then she resumed boinging!
 Saaaaaave meeeeeeee!
I think her name might be Rizzo.  or Lily, or Layla, or Lela, or Pebbles.  Lexie didn't care for the competition.  She said that the puppy was a BUG.  Remember I can read her mind.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

To Every Season, Churn, Churn, Churn

 Sarah, (the one whose cow had the baby last week), gave me some milk from the cow.  I wanted to make butter.  We made butter at the co-op preschool I took Rob to.  Rob is 40 something. (I could figure it out but I am too busy.)  AN-y-way, The little kids, and mostly we moms, shook a little cream in baby food jars until it turned into a little ball of butter.
 I decided to use my blender.  Easier.  I sucked the cream off the top with my trusty turkey baster, and put it into the blender.  I ran that machine until it was hot.  Still cream.
 SO. I put it into a jar and began to shake it.  Not like a polaroid picture, but more like a shake weight (as seen on TV.)  I passed it off to the hubby.  He shook it for a while and tagged me back.  I shook it some more.  When I started to wonder if money for cab fare was going to pop out, (Don't ask. It's a South Park reference.) I put it back into the fridge.
When I took it out, it looked lumpy.  I shook it a while longer and scooped it out.  It wasn't a rectangular cube, but it was yellow!  I salted it.  I haven't had the nerve to try it yet, but I will.

Here is the thing I got out of today's lesson.  Thank all that is good for Costco and those big blue packages of butter they offer for sale.  Opening the big glass door and grabbing one of them is much easier. 

Maybe the Good Old Days weren't so good.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ten Things I Love About My Mama

1. She always liked me best.
2. She taught me to love reading, which made my life better, easier, more full, and more entertaining.
3. She's funny.
4. She's smart and has a 4 point grade average.
5. She's a great writer.
6. She tries to drive.
7. She was always the prettiest mom on the block.
8. She gives the best hugs.
9. She always looks on the bright side of almost every situation.
10. She did a good job of raising me, even though I was her practice child.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Put a Bird On It!

 My daughter, who knows exactly what I like, gave me this statue of Mother Nature for Christmas.  The three bottles with the birds on top, she sent me for Mother's Day.
 I am auditioning places for them to be.  I am trying them out in several places.
 They will tell me when I have found the perfect place.
 This is a pretty good spot for them.
 Probably not here.  Too busy.  (Did I just say that out loud?)
They look good here, but only for the warm months when there is no fire in the stove. 
I love them, wherever they are!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yes, Those ARE Little Feet Sticking Out of The Back of This Cow

                                Breech.   Oh, Charlotte! (who is visiting our pasture.)
 But hooves are pointing toward the sky, which means it may be OK.
 Then she let out a big MOO! and all these neighbor cow mamas came to cheer her on.  It was rather amazing!  They "Moo'd" encouragement to Charlotte.
 This is Sarah.  She is Charlotte's "mama."  She ripped off her shirt to wipe the mucus from the baby's nose and mouth.
                  Cleaning the baby. (I am glad humans don't have to do this licking thing)
         Sarah encouraging the calf to stand.
                     Look at that face!  She seems to be thinking, "WTF"
             More trying to stand. This took about an hour.
                 Finally up!
                      Looking for the goodies.
           These girls stayed here for the entire hour. and when the calf finally found the milk, the went back to their cow-y business.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Why Are You Growing Sticks?"

 This is my "Kitchen Garden" on my back deck. Here we have basil.  Love Pesto!
 This is the very beginnings of lettuce.  Last year I had a bit of trouble with my lettuce.  The kitties decided it was a lovely and cool spot in which to nap.
 Here we have sage, dill, celery and rosemary.
Tomato plants designed for pots.  We'll see.  I am collecting sticks from the last storm and putting them in as kitty deterrents.  This bottom pot has marjoram, mint, lemon something and oregano.  I'm pretty sure the mint will take over before long.