Thursday, May 30, 2013

From A Distance...

                      The world is blue and green.

                 A day on Lake Shasta,
               With the family.
      INCLUDING my Silver Girl  (My Southern California Granddaughter.)
          We went into the Dead Tree Forest.  The lake is a bit low this year.

 And we danced!!  We're on a Boat! AAAAANND,

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Burlap Harlots Strike Again!

 That little window thingie came home with me!
               So many goodies!
                   Eye candy in every direction!

           The theme was Alice In Wonderland and the vendors dressed accordingly.

                  I'll just be still and let you look...

                                           Hi Doni!  Visit the News Cafe, everyone!
      Halie with a head band made from a man's tie.
                            OK, Now I'll be still and let you look.

                                   Hi, Viki!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Roses and Rust in Redding

 A craft and antique show is an excellent shoppertunity to add to one's eclectic treasures.
      My sister and I went.  I got her birthday present here.

            My favorite bunch of crafters, the girls from the Altered Wing Studio were there.
                       They have the best stuff!

                         Ginger is going to teach me how to make these soon.
            My sister and I figured out that if you put something relating to France on your product,               you   get to ask about twenty more dollars for it.  Oui, Oui!
                     Go ahead and look.  I'll not say anything else.  Maybe

                     The items below were made from old spoons.
                      My sister got one that said, "Mama Tried."