Sunday, July 29, 2012

I'm Seven-and-a-Half Weeks Late

Standing here makes one's hair stand up, away from one's scalp. Really.
 I wanted to put these pictures up for Memorial Day, but I couldn't find them until now.
 The name of one of my classmates, whom I also considered a friend is on this wall.  I visited this heart wrenching structure in nineteen-ninety-something.

This photo was taken near the day we graduated from high school.  Larry is on the left.  My back is to the camera but I know it is me because I wore that danged shirt everywhere. Bill Yerby is standing with Larry.  He is married to one of my best friends now.

After graduation, Larry studied to become a pharmacist and then went to Viet Nam.  He is one of three brothers and all three of them died early and tragically. The last time I saw Larry Padberg was at a New Year's Eve party at his house.  Such a loss.

The Wall caretakers provide pencils and these strips of paper for visitors to make rubbings of names.  People leave mementos and gifts at the foot of it.  I felt as if I were in a magnetic vortex when I was there.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's A July Thing-You Wouldn't Understand

Dinner with my loves.
Birthday Flowers
If you were born today, (That would be me) You are a highly creative individual, but you do not always maintain the kind of firm control over that creativity that you must in order for it to pay off in the way of substance, gain and reward. 

Rather you too often let your own creativity take control of you, and when it does you can be rather unpredictable and even quite difficult to work with, as you can be flighty, mercurial, selfish and quite defensive among those who try to steer you back to a more productive path.

This almost makes me want to start believing in astrology.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


So. I was walking down the street, minding my own business when these two dudes...
 OK, no. That's not really what happened.
       Suddenly at about ten o'clock night before last, I remembered that I had left the water on outside.
 I slipped into my sandals, not putting the back straps on, but standing on them instead.
                  Ran out to find the hose.
 My shoe slid forward and I tripped on one of the lava rocks that line my walkway.
 And trashed my bod.  Fortunately I have strong bones.  Below you can see the place where this drama occurred.
 I told Richie that I thought we should go out to breakfast tomorrow.  I have a little plan.
I'll catch the eye of a person near by and mouth the words, "Help me."
                               I crack myself up.

Last Bahama Report

 Bahamian food.  Always "rice and peas"which looked and tasted like rice and beans. Served everywhere, no matter what you order.  This is yams, pork and corn.
Our food.  We cooked this in our condo.          Thus endeth the Bahama Report.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Husband Messin' Around With the Cops

                          Not Richard!  Surely!
                         Don't call him Shirley.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Grand Bahama Island

 I like the juxtaposition of the shack and the flowers.

 This sign gave us a laugh because we are immature like that.
 Wherever we go, we like to check out the ordinary neighborhoods.
 Lunch at a lady's house by the ocean.  She serves it on her back deck.
 A yard sale.  This granny sold sea shell by the sea shore.  She also sold cornbread.
 Evidence of the last hurricane.  They had two in a row.
 A tour of a cave.
 Everyone has these pointy rocks separating their yard from the road.  I guess there is a problem with the Bahamians staying on the road now and then.
 I believe this is a left over from the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean.
 Colorful shopping for cruisers.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Anniversary Twins

 Barbie and John celebrated their 40th anniversary while we were all in Fort Lauderdale.  They got married on our 7th anniversary.  This naturally made it our anniversary too! (DUH!)  I got the card above for Richie, along with his favorite candy bar.
 He got me this breakfast from the free buffet downstairs.  Yeah. We always go all out.
 These photos are from the place where we stayed on the Grand Bahama Island.  It is a yacht club and we met some interesting people, who live on their boats and just tool around the world.
                      It made me seasick just thinking about it.
    More too come.  Several members of my family are here visiting.  My mommy is here!