Tuesday, March 20, 2012

There Seems To Be a Theme or a Pattern Here

 Top of this picture. (Click to imbiggen.)
 Around this window.
 On the door.
 On the counter.
 Behind the door.
 A closer view.
 Under the cabinets.
 Hanging from ceiling fan pulls.
 Little table.

 Bowls above and below.

 Top of china cabinet from right.
Top of china cabinet from the left.

I made all of this wine goodness.  Do I have a problem?  There's more.  I didn't include all of the grapey items and scenes.  No not even close.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


                         Joe and Howie

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Guess What Famous Person Drew the Bee For the Sacramento Bee!

 After eating a lunch containing the last carbohydrates I will eat for the next six months, (promise), Mom, my two sisters, and I went on a field trip without any children!
 My sister, Pegi, works at the Sacramento Bee. This nice guy took us around.
 My mom is writing a book about the Commercial Appeal Newspaper of Memphis, and the trials they had during the Civil War.
 This is close to the type of printer they were using back then.  Her grandfather invented the method used to print colors in newspapers that was used until computers came along.  I guess that makes us sort of a newspaper family.
                More Linotype pictures.
                Today's printing metal "carbons."
 When we got to this printing room, Pegi was excited and relieved to see that HER add had made it into today's paper. (She turned it in just under the wire and was worried that it might not be in.)
 Later when we were telling John, my brother-in-law, about how we walked up just as this sheet was rolling off the machine, he said, "witches." sort of under his breath, like he always does when he thinks we conjure. 
                 Today's presses.
 A reeeally big roll of paper.  Tons.

 Here's the bee I was talking about.  Walt Disney drew him in the 1940's during WWII.

 The best part of the day... Pegi's cubical!  It is SO her!