Monday, February 20, 2012

Rancher Richie's Birthday

 Richie had a plan.  He didn't want anyone to mention his birthday to his son, Rob.  He likes to *Catch 'em Being Bad,* dontcha know.  But Rob made a dinner party for him at  the beautiful Anselmo Winery.  He called his boy, John, (my sister's husband, whom he loves more than any of us) and invited them up to dinner.

But first Rob came over at 4:30 the day before to take him fishing.  He had spent the week cleaning up the boat and rigging the poles for this event.

Turned out RR had a fine birthday celebration, as a man should have when he enters his seventh decade.
I got him one pair and Rob got him another. He couldn't decide which one to wear. So...I took this picture of his feet at the restaurant.  Yes. He is a handfull.

Monday, February 6, 2012

How To Torment Your General Practitioner In One Easy Lesson

Every time you see her or him, ask her to fill out the long forms for things you don't really need.   Works every time.
This has been Richard's hobby for over a year now.  On Thursday he got this.