Tuesday, March 20, 2012

There Seems To Be a Theme or a Pattern Here

 Top of this picture. (Click to imbiggen.)
 Around this window.
 On the door.
 On the counter.
 Behind the door.
 A closer view.
 Under the cabinets.
 Hanging from ceiling fan pulls.
 Little table.

 Bowls above and below.

 Top of china cabinet from right.
Top of china cabinet from the left.

I made all of this wine goodness.  Do I have a problem?  There's more.  I didn't include all of the grapey items and scenes.  No not even close.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I think it's all really, really nice. How awesome that you made it!

Nan said...

Definitely a good theme. More fermentation of grapes needed here. Where's the blog linky party for real life? :-)

Lynn Stevens said...

Fun fun fun, Even after the wine is gone!
hugs lynn