Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Trouble With Spectacles

We left for the airport at 4:00 am. Who can even see at that hour? So, I didn’t notice that I forgot the eye- glasses that I have become so dependant upon until we were dropped off at the terminal.

Since there was no way of getting them, I bought a pair of those magnifying readers from a vendor near our departing gate. They worked pretty well; unless I looked up from my book and turned my head too fast. That made me dizzy.

When we got to the hotel in Ireland, I leaned over the nightstand to plug something in and smashed the frame and one lens fell out.

I found a new pair in the hotel gift shop.

Later on the boat, that itty bitty screw that holds the ear piece on came out and was hopelessly lost.

My friend Kathy saved the day with an extra pair that she had brought. Thank you very much, Kathy.

While on a tour of a replica of the boat that the REAL discoverer of America had sailed, the glasses, (now perched on top of my head,) fell into the water.

I ask you…
Do you think I need a “Keeper?” You know, someone who will follow me around and say,
“Don’t set that down!”
“Don’t put those there!”
“Turn left! No! Your other left!”


Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Even though you made this all quite funny - - - I KNOW it was very frustrating.

I can't SEE without my glasses, so forgetting them is never an issue. HOWEVER, once on vacation they BROKE and THAT was a disaster!

Beansieleigh said...

Oh my gosh, you were really on a roll, weren't you?!! Lynn, I must have at LEAST 9 pair of reading glasses. I went up to the school with my son today, as he had a long exam to take, but with no set time; so I picked a picnic table for myself outside the school, figuring I could read, and soak up a little sun... I sat myself down, only to find I forgot my eyeglasses! (NOT HAPPY!) So, I bought another pair at a nearby store because reading was all I had to DO for THREE HOURS, and I can not see a WORD without my glasses!!! So... NOW I'm up to TEN pairs! I never meant to accumulate so many, but I DO have quite the assortment to choose from, so I can coordinate with every color outfit or whatever hairstyle I may wear from day to day! I guess I have to admit, I DO kinda like that!!.. Now, if they can just survive a DAY in my purse! But that's ANOTHER story! ~tina

Candy said...

Sounds like you made a spectacle of the situation. As far as a keeper...we could all use one of those ;-)
Enjoy your travels!

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh My, what a story! Sounds like it might be time to switch to contacts. LOL The kind you leave in!!
That being said I have about a dozen or so always floating about my studio and home. I still manage to forget to take them with me at times.
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you had a wonderful time away!

drollgirl said...

gah! i would have lost my mind at all of this!!! i normally wear contacts, but those can be pretty frustrating at times, too!