Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Tulsa Time

That's odd. We live off of 44 in Ca! Why did we have to fly on two different planes to get here? Still off of 44.
I got to spend a whole day with my good friend Judy. We have been friends since grade school.
We went to an art fair. I didn't feel that they would like for me to be taking pictures of their art secrets, so I refrained...except for these two.
Now WHY didn't I get a photo of the two of us together?
Probably alzheimers. Probably because we were so busy visiting and enjoying the day!
I have one more thing to say; Changing time zones and changing from Daylight Savings Time to Standard has screwed up my inner time bidness. Odd. I am not even "Into" Time to begin with. Why should I care?

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My Crafty Little Page said...

I know! The dogs just don't understand the time change either! They want to eat before I'm up and mid afternoon!
Horchata is the drink of the gods - you really should try it - apparently its appeal spans generations because all my family loves it! xo Nancy