Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How To Make A Pretty Pot Out Of A Thrift Store Vest and An Ordinary Clay Pot--Lynn Style

 First buy an interesting vest from a thrift store.
I liked this one because of the tapestry-like pattern.
I also liked the red trim on the bottom.
 It is always a good idea to seal your clay pot if you plan to alter it in any way.  They make clay pot sealer for things like this.  Imagine that!
 Next cut the vest apart.  Most people will have a plan before they begin this step.  I leave that up to you.  It might be a good idea to make a pattern out of a newspaper page.  I, however just began cutting with reckless abandon because that's the kind of person I am.
Oh, and cut the lining off (out?) at this time.
 Now slather Mod Podge on one side of your pot.  Slather is one of my favorite words.  Apply material one side at a time.  It will be easier that way.
I left the top for the front section of the vest because the vest had that interesting front part.  Your design will need to be contingent upon the material (vest) you find.
 If  you were organized enough to make a pattern, you will not encounter this problem.  I had to cut and patch in the middle of the project.  Remember the "reckless abandon" part? It's a personality flaw that I just have to live with.  I blame this problem on the red trim that I wanted on the bottom of the pot but it kept crawling up as I went around. Jeez.  What was I thinking?
 Once you get the lower part of the pot covered, you will be able to cover the top part.  Due to the "reckless abandon" flaw in your personality, (if you have this affliction), you will need to apply patches of material here and there.  Don't worry about perfection.  It is a planter.  You will be putting Dirt in it for god's sake.
 Hey!  There are trimmy strings left over!  Make a bow.
Now for the dirt.


Lori E said...

Cool. I see this being done with a bunch of mens ties or old suits material.
Ever heard of measure twice, cut once? Apparently not. You go girl. Live life on the edge and cut as you go.

Vivienne said...

Very cool!!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That came out beautiful.