Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Danger Of Being Cooped Up In The Rain

When A person can't go out to play, that person might play "Stage Decoration."

...and make her throne look more like one fit for a queen.

                                                          I think Yorick looks good there, don't you?


Kat said...

Could you sent us some of that rain, please? I'm afraid it's going to be another drought year for us if we don't get some soon! Besides, it might make me stay indoors and get some work done. Oh, who am I kidding, I'd just curl up with a good book :) And alas, poor Yorick does look good there! Kat

Lori E said...

If we didn't go out in the rain in B.C. we would never go out. I don't even own an umbrella. We get wet...we dry off.
I wasn't familiar with Yorick. A skull candle holder in the bathroom? How very Alice Cooper of you. Lol.

Candy said...

I want some of your rain. We are having thunder right now but my fingers are crossed. Always fun to play fix up inside too.
Enjoy ;-)