Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blood & Love & Hope & Lust & Steam

 This is my sister, Barbie.  I put this picture here to show you where we were.  Close to the stage, yes?  We paid extra and came early so we wouldn't have to sit...
 ...back here where the rest of the people sat.  Below is Sara Bareilles.  She opened for Sugarland.  Very cute and put on a good show.  We liked her!
 I did get up off the ground .  Eventually.  I was the Sober Sister.  Who would have thought it!  I did NOT make that sign, or any other signs. 

 This is Pegi.  We have to keep her on a short tether.  She is the lively one.
 She did some serious flirting with this guy.  He is Sara's bass player.

 Her steampunk necklace.  Jennifer was all Steampunked out too.  She had on a rubber grid skirt with lace in the back and she had two big bolts hanging off her belt.
When Sugarland began to sing a host of people began to try and get past us to get closer.  Pegi enlisted an army of people all around us to keep this from happening.  One girl said, This is a Concert.  It's what you do.  Pegi told her to go do it somewhere else because she wasn't coming by us, and then suggested that if she had wanted to be closer she should have come early LIKE WE DID.
 The girl then said, "Is this your first concert?"  WELL.  If she had said You are fat and ugly and you have a wart on your nose, it wouldn't have insulted Pegi, but FIRST CONCERT? this was war!  "I shall try to make this printable)

Pegi suggested that she go have relations with a roady, and inferred that she was a female dog.  Then the girl's mother came up and Peg said to no one in particular.  "Oh NOW the OLD one wants by."  I think they retreated then.  I was snorting and giggling but I kept quiet and thought about what I might have said if I weren't the Sober Sister.

All in all it was a GREAT night.  I did not say, "Honey I was going to concerts when you were still sitting in your own poop."  I did not say. "Let me get this straight...According to your concert etiquette,  the most obnoxious and rude people get to be in front"

I have about ten more pictures but they look a lot like these.  I take back what I have said about Kristian Bush.  He isn't just the guy who plays the guitar for Jennifer Nettles.  He is great!


Lori E said...
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Lori E said...

Ha, ha, you guys are so rowdy. I can see the newspaper story now.
...Young woman and her mother were battered by a gang of females while trying to enjoy a concert today. Alcohol would seem to be a factor, except for one who kept a cool head and tried to maintain the peace.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun!!!

Judo said...

So we went to the Santana concert last night. We had become accustomed to lovely acoustic performances. The sound was so loud we felt assaulted, especially the warm up band. Santana was wonderful, don't get me wrong, but I was hoping for a power failure to three fourths of the amps. His wife played a drum solo that was beyond belief. That woman is in great shape. It would have killed most women to work that hard. Then toward the end, I thought,"I must remember to pick up my new sweater before I leave here." Well, of course that didn't happen. I left a message for the lost and found guy today. Keep your fingers crossed.

PJ said...

I want to know what the removed post said!