Monday, November 7, 2011

The Last Few Days Of Her Teen Years

 My granddaughter is leaving her teen years this weekend.
Wasn't she just born?
This is making me feel old,like nothing else ever has!
 Since it is such a special birthday, I got her seven special surprises and I am sending one of them to her each day.
Happy Birthday, Rachel Skye!  I love you dearly. You make me proud!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

No way! How blessed you are to have her. My sister has a 16 year old granddaughter this month. I am still waiting.....
Hope she has a wonderful birthday.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

How wonderful for you to be able to see a grandchild grow to adulthood! I often wonder if I will live long enough to see that happen with my grandsons.

Happy BD to Rachel!

Patricia said...

I worked at the Base post office when we were in Japan. It was a volunteer job through the Red Cross.
Once a month or so, a care package came through for a certain lucky family. Each package was covered with artwork from the sender. Those packages were always cute, and handled with an extra measure of care. It was fun to see those packages coming in and to be able to hand them out to the families as they came to the postal window. It was a favorite part of our job.

Rick's grandmother always doodled on her letter envelopes to us. I so wish I had kept them. It was wonderful knowing right away who sent us mail. It was always opened first.

Seeing your post yesterday on the I-Pod was a sweet reminder of those times. I just had to come back to your post today on my own computer to say Thanks!

Oh, and one more story. A decorated birthday cake arrived from the States intact and still looking fresh. Surounding the cake were cupcakes for each postal member that handled the cake along the way. Can you imagine that happening today? This was in the early eighties.

drollgirl said...

seven special surprises!?!? wow! she will be over the moon!

and happy birthday to rachel skye!

Rachel Skye said...

Thanks Geeg :) I have loved ALL of them