Friday, January 30, 2009

A Marriage That Has Lasted 44 Years (So Far)

This is a photograph taken at our wedding. I used muslin, stamps into gel medium, feathers, bits of lace, and trinkets. The butterflies in the upper left corner represent our children, of whom I am increasingly proud. The fork is significant because I only got one piece of this, my chosen silver, probably because it was so expensive. I never got any more for the same reason. Now that I might be able to afford to collect it, it isn't available. This day was almost 44 years ago. It wouldn't have been so easy without my friend, Judy. I am forever greatful.


rg said...

I'm really proud of It's a July Thing for making this blog. I't weird to hide in your house and glue bits of trash to chunks of crap. When you make it a part of something more, like a ladies museum of memories frozen in glue, then it becomes insanely great. That's why I'm a subscriber.

Lynn Guinn said...

You are such a brat! Who raised you?!