Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lexie's New Clothes

Happy Pink Saturday, even though I didn't have time to sign up. We have been having a visit with great long-time friends! Notice I didn't say "Old."

My daughter-in-love gave me a puppy shower! This t-shirt and collar were among her gifts. Lexie is sort of ambivalent about them.


The French Bear said...

Hi Lynn, I sent an email to you about the pay it forward, I have goodies ready to go. I just need your address, but I wanted to make sure I sent it to the right address. Let me know if it's all good!
Margaret B

Deb said...

A puppy shower is a great idea :-) Lexie is absolutely adorable!

Linda Mitchell said...

Lynn, Lexie is precious. This blog thing is pretty cool. I'm in awe at all you can do...the bowls are beautiful.

Karen Cole said...

OK......I give up. You have the best sense of humor I've ever seen in blogland. I have laughed at every post I've read. The towels were especially funny.....and YOUR about cute.

I can't thank you enough for your dear comments. Truly appreciated.

The French Bear said...

Hi Lynn, I have the parcel ready, I tried two ways to send an email to you, watch for it under junk, it is from margaretwomacks (my former name) or the french bear.I have a direct contact me link on my blog, you can try that. Thanks!!!
Margaret B

Sheri said...

hi Lynn!
I love your puppy! Very cute indeed!
Hope your weekend was fabulous!
Sheri~~Prim Rose Hill Studio