Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Church+ Pee Pee+ the occasional bathroom

When I was in Junior high I was at the NEW First Presbyterian Church and I was in the bathroom with several friends. You know how much Junior high girls spend in the bathroom!For some reason I hopped up on the sink and the whole sink fell off the wall and water began gushing out of the wall like a broken fire hydrant. I wasn't over weight, but you know how junior high girls are...
I was sure I must be a big fat pig if I broke a whole plumbing item.
VERY embarassing.

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and Antsy Pants


Fairy Footprints said...

Oh this was hillarious, I am still laughing that would've been me for sure :0)


Just Breathe said...

OMG I am so sorry that happened to you. You poor thing!

kys said...

OMG! I'll bet you were horrified! In Jr High, too. That's a bad situation in itself.

mbkatc230 said...

I'm sorry for the mortification you must have felt, and during Jr. high no less! But not quite sorry enough to stop laughing! Sorry, all I can think of is the bathroom scene in Harry Potter with the water flying everywhere. Kathy

Cathy said...

OH NO! I bet that's the last time you jump on a sink. Thanks for linking back to me...I feel so loved today!!

Lori E said...

In stories like this I always like to think of the others that were there who at this very moment are saying
"do you remember that girl who sat on the sink in the church bathroom and pulled it off the wall?"
It might be a little more funny to them than it is to you.

Vivienne said...

Did you get in trouble? Did you laugh so hard you peed?

Anonymous said...


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