Saturday, April 24, 2010

How To Torture Your Sister

I TOOOLLLDDD you to come to my house and I'd take you to the Home Show and buy you anything you wanted for your birthday.

You could have had this rooster. He came up to my thigh in height.
But Nooooooo.

You could have had this beautiful nekkid lady yard art.
But Noooooooooooo.

You could have had danglies for your tree in your back yard.
But Noooooo.

You could have...Nah. This gave me a rash.

You could have had this chair. You know how much you like chairs.
But Nooooooooo.

You could have had old doorknobs like the ones we had on So. Johnston.
But Noooooooo.

A bird cage?

OR, this GREAT old washing machine! You could use it for a planter!
But alas. You don't get them, BECAUSE you stayed in Folsom.


WTF. Who mixed up all of the photos?


Just Breathe said... that Rooster!

Lori E said...

For the record my birthday is in October and I could come down. I'm just saying.

lifeshighway said...

Always go for the large rooster or for dancing nekkid ladies... your neighbors always appreciate the extra effort.

Very funny post

Lynn said...

Lynn, you know many other ways to torture me....Berbie ;D
(How did I do this!!!!)

kanishk said...

Love that Rooster!
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