Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Radio Flyer Full of Petunias

This is two Costco flats of posies.
I think they are going to live in the wagon.

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Nancy said...

Lynn, I SO hope you read your comments. Of course, I caught up.

So, when we lived in Frisco, TX, we drove my son up to Lake Texoma, OK for band camp. Two years in a row. It was desolate, foreign land to me. But, we did pass something to do with Eisenhower. He played music for a week, but more importantly, did all those camp things we never tell our parents about afterward. I had read this story before and never made the connection.

So, now in Vermont two middle age, but not retirement age parents are losing it in another foreign "country". We definitely can't retire and buy a "ranch" in Northern CA with a well. What to do? I'm either going to the looney bin or Disney World! There is TOO a difference.

Had fun here...I need to unplump other parts...can I get that potion at Target, if there was one in Vermont? HA!