Friday, December 23, 2011

A Corner of the Sitting and Reading Room

 This is , well, you can clearly see what this is.  Old photos.    The upper left ones are our chidlers.
 Ah! But behind the photos you see I keep my Jars of goodies from the garden of summer!  I decided I like looking at the jars more than the photos right now.
 Above and below were taken not long before we got married.

 These are from way long before we got married.


Shirley said...

Merry Christmas Lynn to you and your family. I really like how you have your pictures displayed. Have a great weekend. A Missouri Friend.

Lori E said...

Here you are!!! How strange that you were gone.
I think our canning jars are like jewel boxes.
Works of art.

Lynn Stevens said...

Great way to display photos!
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.
Wishing you a new Year of Health Happiness and lots of time to do some home canning! LOL
hugs Lynn

Nancy said...

The guys are asleep. I'm catching up, finally. We are all here in CA for the holidays trying to come to a consensus on how to spend our 3 weeks. It appears lounging has won. Oh, and me cooking and cleaning. :-)

Hope your day was wonderful. I do like the canning jars, looks industrious, healthy, and nostalgic.

On a previous post about conservatives, how odd. I think liberals are a bunch of rich people who force the rest of us to do their charity work while they live in decadent splendor and demean us if we don't agree with them. Although, technically, I am not a "conservative" in the MB, SP, etc. kind of way, I would consider myself a libertarian...all the tolerance for all, except maybe for those horrible people who tell me what to do from their castles. :-)

Happy New Year!