Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Bowl and a Story

Here is a more recent bowl. I weaved some random fibers and left the ends long. Then I added a double ring of wood that used to be part of an earring and tied some more fibers on it. (Where as most crafters would MAKE jewelry, I UNmake jewelry.)
I finished it with fabric trim.

Here's the story:
I was working on a bowl one day, when my granddaughter (age 5) scooched in beside me. "Whatcha doin', Geege?" (I am Gigi to my family and old friends.)
"I am making a bowl." I replied.
She stayed very still and watched for a minute or two. I could tell she was thinking very hard. Then "But wasn't it already a bowl?" she asked, cautiously, as if I had possibly lost touch with reality.


Karen Cole said...

Welcome to the blog world, Lynn. Hope you have some time on your hands. it's addicting.

Looks great so far!

Staffordshire Garden said...

Hi Lynn,
Thanks for visiting me. You can find out more, and sign up to join in Pink Saturday on Beverly's blog It's a bunch of us girls showing off our favorite pink finds,and creations, and a fun way to get to meet more bloggers .
Your bowls are wonderful!
Erma Bombeck has always been my favorite too!
Nice meeting you.