Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pride Goeth

I am just SO proud of myself for figuring out how to put my new header up! You, see, Everything I do on a computer, I do by accident. I'm elated when my accidents turn out good. Yea me!


Gillian said...

Hi Lynn :)

Congratulations your header looks Fabulous!!!

thank you so much for saying hi to me on my blog :) it's always amazing to me that we can be on the other side of the world, and just a click or two and we are enjoying someone elses art...

all the best with your blog, I hope it's a joyful journey for you :)

curious girl (lisa) said...

hi there! isn't it amazing when these technical blog things are conquered? you will be mastering it all soon enough. I am loving your massive 'through the years'; how long did that take?

Lynn Guinn said...

Thank you for commenting, Gillian and Lisa! It's so exciting!
It took me about 3 months.