Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cutting My Decoupage Teeth

Once upon a walk through the boutique at Nordstrom, I spied a bowl that had been all done up with what appeared to be, Wallpaper cutouts. It had a price tag of $80.00!
I thought Eighty Dollars, my (Pick your body part.) I can do that! And I went on to figure it all out and I have made many bowls since then. I gave a few to people I love. I donated a few to fundraiser boutiques. I still have the rest. I can't seem to quit making them.


Sheri said...

Oh my! That is lovely work! I have done alittle of decoupage...but none as lovely as yours! Hope you're having a grand week!
Sheri~~Prim Rose Hill Studio

(OH, and I LOVE your banner!)

Jamie said...

Those are great! You are definitely a thing-finder...I'm sure you are always on the hunt for old bowls. I would like to try that now!