Monday, March 8, 2010

Letter to the Weather Bookie

Dear Weather Dude,
Will you pu'leeze stop putting those big L's in the sky above my home? Remember last week when you put the big H up there? It was so sunny and lovely outside that I spontaneously broke out into singing "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning." Now go. Change that danged L to an H.
I want this sky back.


Robin said...
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Robin said...

Wow that is really beautiful...I would want that as well..Hope it stays that way..!

Joanne said...

We both seemed to have an issue with the weather man (and/or Mother Nature) today.

That's the sky we have been having.

Blondie's Journal said...

Just blue skies would make me happy!


MaryRC said...

it was a yucky blustery cold day in the desert today, BUT the sky was blue.

Amanda said...

THAT sky is the sky that appears in my DREAMS!

I live in Florida and right before a big storm (like a hurricane) we have beaaaauuttiful skies just like this. Then days upon days of rain.

Checking out blogs and saw your SITS button, and of course I just had to say hi :)

Anonymous said...

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Xazmin said...

It's a freakin' snow storm here today! Grrrr!