Monday, March 1, 2010


Returning home after having "Linner" in town with some old--no wait--make that "Long Time" Friends, there was a gigantic moon in the late afternoon sky. I wanted to capture it, but all I got was this little dot. Wish you had been there! It was amazing.


The Muse said...

beautiful and eerie...
great combination!

Keetha Broyles said...

Fisherhubby was enjoying that SAME moon up here in Indiana last night - - - strange how you AND he could see the same moon at the same time so far apart.

Also - - - I have repeatedly TRIED to capture the glory of a rising moon with my camera - - - I think it takes a better camera than mine, and probably a better photographer than me too!

Candy said...

I know how big that little ball can seem when so close to the horizon. Lovely shot!
Great photo of the fruit head hula girls (down the page) I bet that was a fun day.
And glad to hear that you and sis didn't leave the road while enjoying a good read.
Warm Blessings ;-)

Claudia said...

I had the exact same thing happen when I was in CA last year - I spied a big fat moon and in the photo it appeared as a dot! Nevertheless, it is a beautiful photo, Lynn.


drollgirl said...

what a radical shot! love it!!!

BARK AT THE MOON! hahaha. sorry. had to do it. it's an ozzy reference if it is lost on you. :)

Robin said...

Wonderful...I love a full moon even though it makes me a lil crazy...hey that was yesterday..! ..mmm...that explains things..LOL..!!