Saturday, June 2, 2012

A List For No Reason

I was looking for my photo album of a visit to DC for a picture of me at The Wall.  Can't find it but I found this list I wrote on my birthday in 2001.  I had been retired for a month.
Very strange.  Wish I knew what the bargains were.  The old lady purse?  Long gone.

PS There were more things on the back!

+Found a new favorite movie, *Proof of Life*
+Created a bunny environment in my garden.
+Made a new list of phone numbers.
+Considered organizing my recipes.
+Read 5 books.
+Created 3 new vases.
+Rented and watched 11 movies.
Watched "Sex in the City-First season. (Thank you, Erin.)
+Wore an apron.
Made Plum .... Stuff. (Sauce?)

BTW - I never did organize my recipes.


Lori E said...

Slow down there sunshine. You don't want to do it all at once.

Bunny Jean said...

Hi Lynn!

This is hilarious! I used to make lists too, but usually the 'to do' kind, not the 'done it' kind.

I got tired of always adding to mine and never crossing them off! Nowadays I just make 'honey do' lists for my hubby.

xoxo Bunny Jean

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is so cute!