Sunday, December 6, 2009

Addendum To Christmas Tree Caper

This was not scary. Just fun. Even though we slid around a bit.

This is Jen, my dil. Cute!
And below is the bridge that was in the movie, Stand By Me.
The railroad tracks have been removed from the above bridge and the raised road below.
Sliding sideways off the raised road? Scary.
Crazy son threatening to drive on the bridge? Heart Attack Scary!

I brought a couple of big railroad spikes home. What shall I do with them?


Fairy Footprints said...

Oh my this is really neat, what a fun exciting time to visit this bridge.

Have a wonderful evening.



kys said...

That brigde is iconic, isn't it? How cool that you visited it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for screaming and threatening to jump out of my truck while I was quietly contemplating wether or not to cross.

Frippery said...

Good thing you didn't find anything except railroad spikes after crossing THAT bridge. Glad you made it home in one piece. Looks like a lovely day with your family.