Saturday, December 5, 2009

Murdering Trees For The Season

Who in their right mind would trust me with a chain saw?
No one, that's who.
They just let me hold it while they took the picture.
We (family) went into the forest to fetch a Christmas tree. We had three 4X4 trucks, three permits to murder a tree, and a chain saw.

What we won't do to make our houses smell like Christmas!

This "road" used to be a train track.

This bumper sticker...

...was on this little unassuming truck.


Fairy Footprints said...

What a fun way to get a tree, I love it and I can almost smell the pine.

Have a wonderful Sunday


mama-face said...

Now that's the way to get a tree.

ps. love the bumper sticker. ;)

mbkatc230 said...

Love the shot with the chain saw! This looks like alot of fun, but allergies dont' allow me to have a real tree. I delt with it until the year I nearly went to the ER, DH put his foot down and we now have an artificial one. It's beautiful, but just not the same boo hoo. Kathy (ps, the bumper sticker cracked me up, on a King Ranch edition truck no less!)

Cathy said...

The bumper sticker is fantastic! Looks like a fabulous way to get a tree!

Just Breathe said...

That looks like fun and a really nice way to get a tree.

Lori E said...

Ha, the bumper sticker rocks.
I keep my tree up too long to have a fresh one. I do bring in some clippings from the evergreens outside for the scent though.

kys said...

That's an adventure!

Pearly said...

You look good with a chainsaw. I hope it wasn't a massacre. I read that the tree people want us to stop using wrapping paper and use cloth gift bags that are reusable. I am certain they would laugh at the bumper sticker. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!