Sunday, December 13, 2009

Danny's Song

My blogging machine is misbehaving these days. My personal computer nerd is working on it.
Meanwhile, I submit this song for you to download. It's my cousin, Danny.


Anonymous said...
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Beansieleigh said...

Hey-Hey-Hey, Ho-Ho-Ho, and Holiday Greetings to you! Long time no see! I am so-ooo glad to have the worst of moving out of the way now, and to just be back visiting and catching up with everybody I've missed here in Blogland! Wow! Congrats to your cousin Danny!!!! How exciting this is!!... Sorry to hear your 'puter is misbehavin', and hope things are running better soon for you! Part of my own absence in so long, besides the move, was just resetting the computers in the new place! New locations, and new wires to be ordered and then hooked up.. and even THEN hooked up when someone could HELP me with it! It was quite a process! Anyways, hope this finds you and yours well, and enjoying the holiday season! ~tina