Monday, August 24, 2009

Cancun Photos

The beach was still gone thanks to Wilma. There had been an effort to replace it but man cannot fight the ocean and win easily.
There is a plan to build a reef or jetty next month that is supposed to keep the beach intact.
Here's Haily on the rocks.

I took this from our lanai.

This one too.

Rob and Jordan arrived on Sunday without Jenny and Haily, due to a passport mix-up. Jen had a large dose of bureaucracy all day Monday and they arrived Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile Jordan had adventures playing volleyball and "Gringo." There was a play-off and he had to(?) Pole Dance, earning him this fantastic "Pole Burn" on his chest, which he loved showing off.
We stayed behind at the quiet (for the most part) resort.

Rob and Jen at the Mayan Palapa Bar Restaurant.

More to come...


The French Bear said...

Looks like fun and beautiful weather!! woo hoo!
Have a great time!
Margaret B
I am having a giveaway!!!

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh, are you a lucky gal!!! I could use some sun and sand!! The water looks gorgeous...

Hope you had a great time, Lynn and can't wait to see more pics!!


Lori E said...

About 5 years ago we stayed at the Riu Playacar. I understand they lost their whole beach too. Such a shame.
Looks like you are finding some things to do in place of lying on the beach. Have a Margarita for me.

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