Thursday, August 27, 2009

Good Use of Something Won

As I promised...
And as I always keep my promises...
Here is what I made using the lacy collar that I won in Lynn's (Her Creative Spirit) giveaway.
I must have a thing about bottles lately as this is the third one I have done this summer.

Perhaps I'm expecting a genie or something to pop out.

This collar was only a small portion of the goodies she sent to me!
Thanks again, Girl!


Lori E said...

Very Victorian. Pretty. I like how one thing is used many different ways. Some would have scrap booked with it, some may have used it on a pillow. Very creative.

Blondie's Journal said...

Very original and pretty, Lynn!! You have come up with a great idea here. I have some ideas for lace myself, so I guess I will join the millions!! lol!!

Love your creativeness!


Vivienne said...

Love it! And you can kind of mask how much the levels are dropping in the bottle.
Will you make me some for my wine bottles? ha ha!

Mlle Alex said...

wow so beautiful , i love it !!!

see you soon

Lynn said...

This is sooooooo beautiful Lynn, and I am so happy you found use for that lace, it works out perfect :)

The White Bench said...

WOW! Such a clever idea, Lynn!
This bottle looks very Victorian to me too.. love the soldered charm pretty addition. And that collar... just divine!!