Friday, September 4, 2009

Blake Shelton Time!

Goin to the State Fair in Sacramento.
Gonna see me some Blake Shelton!

He's from Ada Oklahoma, which is neither here nor there, as he was there many years after I left, but it just happens to be the place I spent my formative years learnin' to cuss and smoke and drink beer and a few other things that a lady doesn't talk about unless that lady ain't no lady.

My two sisters and I are goin' and we'll be wearin' T-shirts that declare the place where we did our formin'.

I became a fan of Blake's when he did the Battle of the Choirs TV show. He's clever and funny in addition to being a singer guy.

I just Lurve the way he sings "It's Goodbye Time."

The fair always has people's weird collections on display and I plan to take photos of the funny ones.
Also People watching is always good.

I'll probably have me some fried dandelions, too.


Lynn said...

You are too funny Lynn, and I have never heard of this singer, probably because I am not a country girl, is he country? Hope it brings back memories of you "formin'" (just love that), and don't eat too many dandelions, you might pee the bed LOL. That's what my mom always told us, if you pick them you will wet your bed.

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh, Lynn. I just 'lurved' this!!! Have fun!


Lori R. said...

Fairs and people watching is the best! and that down home cookin' awww.... anything you can imagine "on a stick!"

mama-face said...

Who doesn't love a good state fair? Be sure to have one of those humongous heart attack on a plate elephant ear thingees (I cannot think of the name right now. dang). Along with the fried dandelions of course.


mama-face said...

Ha. I just realized I am so behind in my blog reading that you've probably already been to the fair.

Hope you had a good time!!

LaVerne said...

Enjoyed the post on the recommendation of my friend Nancy...sounds like a fun weekend...good music and State Fair food!!!...I'm from Texas where our fairs and events serve Chicken Fried Anything and Everything...I'm going to be on the lookout for a booth featuring chicken fried bacon since I heard about it on Texas Country Reporter!
I loved your what I've learned post...I taught for 30 years
wish I had saved those "gems"...and I was touched by your memories of your brother.
I've enjoyed the visit; hope you had fun at the fair.