Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Using coupons makes you buy things you will never use.

Senior pictures and Pictures of seniors are very different.

Only a Ninnyhammer will buy onions because of the color of the net bag they are in.

Chickens look hilarious when they run. Hilarious.

You can earn money by throwing a fit in an airport.

Birds are not polite and they do not share.

It is dangerous to leave your Facebook page open on your monitor when you have a son like mine.


stefanie said...

true, true, and true!!!!
thanks for coming by

Housewife Savant said...

I may or may not be a ninnyhammer.
I needed to make a bag for bath toys. (They didn't sell 'em - in The Day.)
It was a nice bag. It served its purpose.
Am I forgiven?

Chelsea Ling said...

so true about coupons

very nice!



My Crafty Little Page said...

Haha, Lynn - so very true. And anyone who uses the word "hissyfit" must be a fun gal! :) Nancy

Joanne said...

Going to the airport soon - how do I earn money???

Would love to see what your son did to your facebook page. When I told my son I wanted to befriend him so I could see the pictures of my grand-dogger - you should have seen the look of horror!!!

mbkatc230 said...

True, true and so true! Especially the last one. I would love to see what he did, I can only imagine. Cait set mine up for me, so I'm still waiting for some huge practical joke to appear at an inopportune time - like when I decide to run for the school board lol. Have a great day. Kathy

Lori E said...

I rarely use coupons because I am just too forgetful.
I don't want to picture a senior.
Ha, ha, you said ninnyhammer, that is such a new word to me. Is it a word?
I look hilarious when I run too. Except now I don't run.
I wonder how you know that about airports and money.
Not to mention they crap on your car.
Don't forget they too will leave their FB page open one day. Revenge is sweeeeet.

Frippery said...

OK I am going to be your facebook friend so I can see what happened!
I agree with Lori E. I look funny when I run too, kind of like I am having a fit. (But when I run through the airport no one pays me for it.)
Regarding coupons, I will buy anything if I think I am getting a deal. That probably makes me a ninnyhammer.

Keely said...

I thought that was kind of the *point* of coupons...

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