Friday, September 25, 2009

The Famous Blue Angels

I have just realized what the best job in the world is!
Flying as a Blue Angel.
Just tell me one thing that could be better than flying those Way Hot Sexy Jets and then talking about them for all the rest of the time.
Could it get any better?
Today we went out to the airport and sat outside our son's hanger and watched them practice.
I took a couple dozen pictures of the hot dogs.
When six jets fly over you at a low altitude it makes your nether parts rumble and vibrate. OOOOH Yeah. I loooove them!


mama-face said...

The first time I saw the blue angels was when I was a little girl; they simply blew me away. They are timeless and amazing! I really love the 2nd picture.


Aunt of 14 said...

They are SO awesome. Can you imagine how much practice it takes to be precise and synchronized? They practice a lot over here. Which makes me wonder-- are you a Seattleite?

Lynn said...

No, but my bro is...Redmond, anyway.
I'm near Redding in Northern CA.
They are having a show today and tomorrow.
They are fantastic!!

Joanne said...

They are amazing - we have the SnowAngels here in Canada and they both wow me with their abilities.

mbkatc230 said...

Amazing! We saw them (by accident) the last time we drove through Pensacola. It really is a breathtaking sight. Great pictures. Kathy

LillySue said...

Love them....and Nascar too. When I get to Heaven, I hope God lets me drive in Nascar!!

Mermaids of the Lake said...

Fun! My cousin used to be a Blue Angel. We live by Fairchild Airforce Base in WA State and have seen them here.