Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Who Says We Aint Got No Class in Redding!

I took this girl shopping.
One of the the things we found was this cute little tunic length top at a boutique down town owned by, and called, "Kimberly Nicole,"
a sweet little thing!
It has four tiers of self ruffles,
and some well-placed lace,
and spaghetti straps. It looks quite adorable with skinny jeans.

There was a time when I would have worn it as a dress.

Oh, yes I would have.

Hussy. Remember?

Here are a few more shots of some items she carries.

Too cute for me!

I must stick to the Women's Department
(read old fat broads)
at Macey's.



Lori R. said...

I love those three words together "Ain't got no" ...Satisfaction.... Well, she sure is a cute thing.... Do you remember the crocheted vests we did in the 60's. I begged my mom to make me a few, and she did... yeaaaaa, I wore one as a dress with a skirt under it and got sent home from school, my skirt didn't reach the floor when I kneeled, of course, we couldn't wear pants/jeans..... I bet you and I would have been hanging out together in the lunchroom, gettin' in all sorts of trouble!!!!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I'll meet you in Macy's Woman's department! If I only I could buy back that 20 year old figure or metabolism again..lol!

Florida Sue said...

Hey I wore a "Hot Pants" outfit as my going away clothes after our wedding. It even says that in the newspaper clipping and picture. We roar now..what a tramp.

ps that top is adorable on that pretty young lady.

Frippery said...

She looks lovely. You crack me up, I too will meet you in the Woman's department, I don't think my younger self would ever think those words would be coming out of my mouth. Of course the older me is still shocked every time I look in the mirror!

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Is that pretty young thing your granddaughter?

Cinderella Moments said...

Lovely blog! You're very funny! Can't wait to read more of your posts!!

LillySue said...

I remember shopping with my daughter when she was about 13 and I still thought I was all that and she put me in my place...."Uh,uh...those are NOT Mommy jeans!!" As I tried on some lower cut pants, heehe!
She has an impression of who I am and she does not like me to tweak it! Boy does she have a lot to learn!!