Friday, July 17, 2009

It's My Birthday. I Made It To Another One.

You really didn't think I'd leave her behind did you?

She had her own little life jacket.

I have pictures of their mama doing this very thing.

Uncle Rob, too.

As we drove away we played the T-Pain/ Andy Samberg, "I'm on a Boat!"

I know. Bad Example.

Who is taller? "Jack! Stop standing on your toes!"

Rachel is a little peanut! But she is 5 years older.

I have this thing about taking feet photos.

I feel sure there will be more photos of this event.


Lori R. said...

Happy Birthday, today, the 17th.. So you can add letters for each year over 50...50a, 50b, 50c,,,,,, you get it... Hope you enjoyed your day!!!

Lynn said...

Actually, I'm 50-14

Judo said...

You have not opened the card I sent so I had them send it again. Don't delete it, it's got chickens!

Let me know when you can answer some questions about how the blog works, like the "You might also like" links.

Did you ever guess we'd be this old?

Lori E said...

Okay puppy dog needs an eye patch and he would look just like a pirate.
Wind blowing in his hair. Too funny.

Thanks for your comments on.... comments??? I agree with the not my style types. Sometimes I struggle to come up with something nice to say and honestly can't.

Not here though. This is nice. Really I mean it.

Lynn said...

Was this July 14th, yes it was, well I am one one year short a day older than you LMBO...... I am so sorry I missed it, was busy that day with visitors coming to see me for my birthday. I prefer to have a quiet birthday and celebrate the day before, I know, weird, but i like it :)
Awwwwww precious puppy looks soooooo much like little puppy next door. I will be posting some pics of him with Cooper very soon. We dog sat him yesterday and those two go crazy play fighting.