Monday, October 19, 2009

Catalog Season, or Fall?

I find it difficult to believe that people are still using paper catalogs, when we have eshopping, Don't you?
As you can see it is gloomy and rainy in my world. I am amusing myself by taking pictures. My target is my new little hanging candelabra.
I got it at the PALO CEDRO GIFT GALLERY that I featured here before.


Blondie's Journal said...

How beautiful!! It looks good in your decor, too. Your home is lovely.

I hope we still continue to get paper magazines. although I like the larger selection online. It's just a bit hard to curl up in bed on a rainy day with a computer! lol!!

Enjoy your week, Lynn!! :-)


MaryRC said...

love that candelabra. can i have it? you wanna give it away dont you?

Charlene said...

It is amazing that sooooooooo many catalogs come out each month. So often it's the same pictures inside with a different cover. Lots of $$$$$$ to do that. Where in Tulsa did you live? It's so pretty there. "Honey" thinks it would be a great place to retire. I think it's pretty pricey for housing. What did you think?

Bellamere Cottage said...

Whew...are you on EVERYBODY'S mailing list? I wish I got that many. They're fun to look at for inspiration and ideas!

Happy Birthday to your little guy a few days late..


Life, Love And Lola said...

What a beautiful and cozy area you have created! Love it!!!!

Oh answer your question you left on my blog I am going through are very long and drawn out divorce...I'm ready for it to be over! And I'm ready to have my name back!

Shore Debris said...

I get too many catalogs also. I especially love when they say something like this on the front:

"Hurry, this is your last issue! If you don't order anything, we cannot afford to send you future catalogs due to risng postage costs."

I look at them and say, "Good, I don't want you anyway!" They never talk back, though. And still arrive the following month...

By the way, your chandelier is gorgeous!

Frippery said...

Love that candelabra! It is a great statement piece to change up for the seasons.I don't get many catalogs but I sure miss my home magazines. The only two great ones left are Country Living and Southern Living. I do hate all the catalogs full of cheaply made over priced garbage though.

Joanne said...

That is beautiful. I am torn between not wanting the extra paper in my house but I love just sitting in my comfy chair looking at the cataloges.
I spend my day shopping online - don't get excited I buy capacitors and oscilloscopes and the odd storage unit LOL. So I sort of like the pretty stuff after work not online.

Lynn said...

Everything looks beautiful :)
Not the catalogues of course, I havn't used those in many many years.

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

You and your 11 year old helper did a wonderful job for fall! If it weren't for the little acorns you sent, I believe there would be none inside my house.

On Thursday I plan to participate in Tablescape Thursday and feature some of your items. With the exception of the cards which my husband thought were way too cool for me and going to his office desk, I have what I am not yet using on the table/island in my kitchen. I keep going by them and thinking.

Then on Monday I will post the dining room redo on Metamorphosis Monday.

Both days I will be linking back here. I'm so sorry I am late. I have very good reasons, really. :-)

A huge thank you for your fantastic giveaway. It will take me a bit, but I have most planned out and will share. More links to you!

mama-face said...

I've had the same thought about the should see the stacks my parents get; they must have their names on every catalog list there is. Something to look at when you visit...

Lovely window; I love the quirky candelabra. (plus I'm really glad you had it spelled out there.) :)

The White Bench said...

Love your decoration! Your home looks so cozy...
Have a great we,