Thursday, October 15, 2009

School Bully Event

Just suppose that a local high school football team is taken to something they call a camp. Just suppose that a junior Boy is hazed while he is attending this camp. Now suppose he yells for help but the chaperones do not come to his aid. Suppose The Boy’s cries for help ignite the hazing to a higher level. The Boy is being held to the floor by three senior linebackers. Just suppose. Suppose the seniors are attempting to shave The Boy’s head and the electric razor is cutting him as other onlookers cheer the seniors to keep on. Suppose as The Boy cries and yells for help, he is thrown to the floor and his head hits hard. Now suppose an unknown person catches the event on video via his cell phone.

Now suppose the video makes its way to The Boys parents, who are physically sickened by it. Understandably, they would supposedly want to do something about it. Now suppose The Boy knows that he would be taunted and abused if he gets the seniors in trouble by telling on them. He does not want to become a pariah on his football team. Suppose the parents love The Boy enough to listen to his request to “Just let it go.” But let’s just say they feel the need to discuss it with the school authorities, who have also supposedly seen the supposed video of the event.

Suppose they arrange a meeting with the principal and the coach. Suppose they walk in and sit down and the principal says in his cheery principal voice, “What can we do for you, today?”

Suppose the football coach says to them, “Surely you don’t want to ruin these boys’ senior year of high school by having them kicked off the team, do you?” As if the parents are the guilty ones. Suppose he even compares the event to his small children scuffling in the living room. What if he supposedly tells The Boy’s parents that the senior boys’ parents drove several team members to the camp, “spending their own money on gas” as if that excuses their behavior.

Suppose the coach doesn’t realize that the purpose of every high school experience given to them by the adults employed there is to teach positive lessons to the stud0ents.

If this happened did they just teach an impressionable group of boys that if one can play a game well, one can misbehave and it won’t hurt him too badly? If one can be intimidating enough there will be no serious consequences?
Now, suppose all of this is true.

The Boy is my grandson.
He is Jordan.
Isn't he handsome?(The dog is Olivia)


Fairy Footprints said...

Oh my god how awful. What an awful situation he has found himself in. If I suppose this is all true which I know it is what the heck is wrong with this High School, why would they allow this behavior. Good grief, I am so sorry to hear this. And your poor grandson to be put in that predicament where if he tells it would be worse, or hurt his football position. This is just aweful sweety. He is such a doll, and the snauzer is so sweet, I will pray that God will give Jordan guidance and protect him the rest of his time there at that so called school, I will pray that the partents have the strength to stand beside their son in his choices. Let's just pray his choices are the right ones, I understand his position I do I really do and the parents position as well, it just aint right.

God bless you sweet,

Housewife Savant said...

Suppose if I read this I'd get riled even though the event(s) didn't touch my life.
Suppose that kind of stuff angers everyone, except the morons and neanderthals that raise bullies.
Now I'm mad.

mama-face said...

This makes me so ANGRY. I know you're heart must be breaking; his parent having to watch it on heart breaks for them.

Maybe the worst part is the 'football is what is important and let's just brush this under the rug' mentality. But I understand how your grandson must feel about 'telling' on the same people he will have to see everyday at school.

The schools hold anti-bully weeks and have assemblies and I have to wonder what bully changes his ways after that? No one I'm sure.Makes me crazy. But I don't know the answer. And none of it excuses the behavior by any means.

My heart breaks for you as well. You do have a handsome grandson and I hope that this matter gets the attention is deserves. Is the school board an option? But I guess it would be just more of the same attention your grandson would not wish for; and the same attitude would prevail. gah. I wish the boys would get what they deserve. If only. Bullies grow up to Adult Bullies.

Joanne said...

Lynn - -I can't even believe this crap can happen - no sadly I accept it does. Its just so frikken awful and my heart breaks for you, Jordan and his parents. I am just shaking my head reading this - I guess its so totally different for me as a Canadian - we don't worship at the alter of football. These humans must be responsible for their actions but they are protected because they are "stars".
Is Jordan still on the team - does he want to even be around these people? Just remember to tell your wonderful young grandson that he is so much better than any of those people - even the coaches and principal.

Aunt of 14 said...

Shoot, I got teary eyed. What an awful predictament to be in.

The more he yelled for help, the harder they hazed him? And nobody came to his aid? That just fricking pisses me off. Hazing is supposed to be outlawed, what the frick were they thinking? You worked so hard to get ON the team... and to STAY on the team... why do you even need to be subjected to further torture and punishment?

*sitting here fuming*

Your grandson is OK though, isn't he? Is he still on the team?

*gritting my teeth* that coach is a PIG!!

Lori E said...

This meeting should have been held with their lawyer present.
My 22 year old son is really angry just with me telling him about it. Doing the right thing is always harder, always.
Perhaps the video could make it's way to the local news station...they would jump all over it and then it would be taken out of the families hands. Gosh it was on the internet I don't know who blabbed to the press.

Marina Capano said...

Fantastic post!!!!!


stefanie said...

that is awful, people have to stand up for what is right, no matter what, or bullies will run the world, i hope he is ok, that is the worst thing i have heard.

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

This makes me so angry! Oh my, what to even say. You are much more restrained than I would be in the same situation. We had a little thing with my son, so small in comparison. Shock was the response of the principal, like he didn't believe us.

What a horrible position to put this young man in. I imagine the perpetrators will continue on doing this again and again through out their lives.

Awful...awful...awful. It breaks my heart as the mother of a son who looks so much the same as this precious young man.

MaryRC said...

how infuriating, hazing needs to end, its just wrong, kids take things all too far these days. there was a MUCH MUCH worse incident in my small town i grew up in. suppose those boy DO loose their senior year opportunity, then the seniors next year will think twice about hazing.

Lynn said...

OMG, I am so sorry your grandson had to go through this, and not only him but his parents and grandparents, you included of course, I can imagine how sickening you all must feel.
He certainly is handsome and so is the dog :)