Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Nicest Thing

The nicest thing any one ever did for me was done by my mama.
When my son was sixteen, I went to Hawaii for three weeks. Mom stayed at my house with said son. She bailed him out of jail one Saturday night, and when I called home to check on things, she said, Everything is going juuuussstt fiiiiine."

I didn't have to fret over my jailbird son until I got home.

Seems he was partying it up at Newport Beach.

I got to go to a class at the NB Police station on Thursday night of the first week of school to learn how to be a better parent.
All of us in the class got lectured up one side and down the other.
We had to watch gruesome videos, too.
For all of you who are not teachers, the tiredest you can ever be is about Thursday night of the first week of school. Somehow Friday night you get your weekend second wind.

By the way, the son has turned into a model citizen.

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hummer said...

Mom's are wonderful and your's sounds great.
Thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

Moms usually do know when a little fib is necessary.


Fairy Footprints said...

Oh God bless you for sharing that moment in time. It's hard to express things on a personal blog at times, with the worry of what others might think. You story is a wonderful story of a mother trying not to worry her daughter of problems while you where away. And of your son turning out to be a wonderful man in the end. Great story.


Lori E said...

Oh Lynn I hear you. Your mom really took a deep breath and held up the fort while you were gone. I bet it was harder on your son to face his grandma after a night in jail than it ever would have been to face his mom.
By the way I was the mom who picked up 7 young men at the local jail after a night of Asshat behavior.
Thank you for joining in our storytime.

Claudia said...

Your Mom sounds very cool! She handled everything and let you enjoy your vacation.

Sandy said...

Your Mom is a wonderful Mom!!!! To give you that time without the worry....I thank you for sharing this story. Children are such joys and such pain almost at the same time, aren't they? I am happy to hear he has grown up into a nice young man.

Blondie's Journal said...


Your mother did the sweetest thing. And what could you have possibly done in Hawaii?

I am happy to hear you son is doing well. You deserve that!


mbkatc230 said...

What a great story. Your mom sounds like a special lady indeed. And I agree with Lori, he probably would have rather faced you than grandma any day! Don't we all have ridiculous things in our pasts that make you stop and say "what was I thinking?" (or not, as the case may be) I'm sure that he still remembers the sinking feeling he got when he had to face everyone! Kathy

Joyce said...

Your Mom is the best and I am glad your son is now a model citizen. I bet he felt terrible having to face his GM that day.