Monday, June 1, 2009

Dancin' and Singin'

Keetha over at

has given me a little fun thing to do
I am to go into my files and find the 6th picture file.
Then get the 6th photo and post it.

Here's the 6th of the 6th.

Thank goodness it wasn't that one taken after a 14 hour plane ride.

This was a group of my fellow teachers in costumes we wore for a number in our district's fund raiser variety show.
I am second from the right. I used to always say, "Show business is my life!"
It was my first year of retirement and I had just returned from a two week cruise through the Panama Canal. I couldn't eat like the usual pig that I am (on the cruise) because of my costumes and the show. I love these gals, and I miss them since moving up to the hills!
Instead of appointing people to do this, I'd just like to choose all of the people who stumble into my blog to show us your 6th of the 6th.


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

This is a cute photo of you, Lynn! You've been on a lot of wonderul trips.

I did this "6 in 6" once before, awhile ago, so I can't participate again...but I'll be looking at the other blogs who tell you that they'll do it!

Keetha Broyles said...

Do you remember the Chiquita Banana lady from the 60's????? Well - - - you girls and your fruit hats are doing a GREAT imitation of her. Just look at those sexy legs and thighs!!!!

I'm SOOOOO glad you played along with this tag and I LOVE that THIS was the 6th of the 6th picture.

Altered Glass said...

cute pic. the outfits are really very flattering to all of you. What fun!!!

Lynn said...

Thank Y'all!