Monday, June 1, 2009

Another Award!

Vivienne over at The V Spot
Gave me this award but someone is going to have to come over and give me a lesson on placing things on the side bar and not within a post.

Also I know how to put "Clickies" in emails, but not in my blog. Dumbass.

Anyway; I am now to name 5 things I don't like (Only FIVE???)
and then send this on to some others.
Here goes:
1. People who think I want to hear all about their religion. I don't. Thank you very much.
Yes, I'll just burn in Hell.

2. Call waiting. It's hell, isn't it?

3. The end of American Idol and Dancing With the Stars. What now!?

4. People who miss-use their, there, they're and you're and your.

5. The way people we don't really need get paid so much money, and people we really need get
paid so little .
House on fire? Call Kobe Bryant.
Serial rapist just broke into your house and you are hiding in your bathroom upstairs?
Yeah, just go ahead and call David Beckham.

6. (You knew I couldn't do it.) People who disagree with me. I am always right. :-)

OK, Now
Candy @
Pam @
Pat @

Can take this and pass it on if you want.
I repeat, If you want to.

PS Thank you Keetha! for the clicky tutorial! You are my hero!!!


Keetha Broyles said...

Oooooo - - - I can help with these two things!!! On your dashboard, the "layout" page, there are boxes in the shape of your blog - - - in the sidebar space they say "add a gadget" click on that and then choose what you want to do - - - like if you want to add one of these awards, click on add a picture, then upload the award.

About putting "links" (That's what the "clicky thing" is called) in the body of your post - - - at the TOP of the new post form, in the SAME line with the place you click to change font, or add a photo there is a little green emblem with two white things inside of it. First highlight the thing you want to be a link, then click on that little green emblem, and a box will pop up into which you will paste the url for your link.

There - - - I feel like a bloggy professor!!!!


Claudia said...

Thanks so much, Lynn! You are a sweetie. I am honored to receive the award.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Thanks for thinking of me Lynn! Your blog IS fabulous!

I see Keetha gave you good instructions on links and sidebar photos. I love the cat clock :-)

Pam said...

Thanks Lynn. I am taking a bit of a break from the blog but I will post this when I come back. Probably over the weekend. (Unless chores DICTATE that I wait till Monday) Har har,Pam

Beansieleigh said...

4. People who miss-use their, there, they're and you're and your.

I had a really great teacher in high school who actually took the time to teach us this, and I've always appreciated it! I have no problems with the ones YOU'RE listing.. However, I must confess, I still have trouble with "it's" and "its". Occasionally, I have to reach for my dictionary to remember which is appropriate!

Lynn said...

I have actually seen greeting cards on the shelf with these words spelled wrong!! Don't they have an editor?
I have never found your grammar to be anything but perfect!!!