Monday, June 15, 2009

A New Award!!!

Thank you Beansie!
Now I am to list 7 things I love.
I'm going to assume that my family members are a given.

1. I love to laugh. Today I was driving home from Zumba and I thought of the movie Major Payne and the way he shot the "monster" in the closet and I laughed so hard I almost drove into the ditch. Then I thought of his story time for the little kid and him saying, "Payne, I cain't feel my legs." "That's cause they aint there!" and I laughed some more, all alone there in the car. Oh I am so entertaining to myself!

2. I love to hear "5, 6, 7, 8!" and then tap dance with a bunch of tappers, in unison, on a wooden stage. Great sound!!!

3. I love to write. You probably noticed that.

4. I love old books, and I can spend hours in an antique store deciding which ones I can't live without.

5. I love Tivo.

6. I love to travel--after I get back home.

7. I love to be thin and tan and I have a vague memory of what that was like.


Frippery said...

I love almost all of these things too. (don't have Tivo and I often reminisce about the thin days) I am often caught laughing out loud when alone. The older you get the more dangerous this could be if you are caught. I wouldn't want to end up in "the home." Oh and I don't tap dance, at least not since I was a kid, but it would be fun.

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Lynn! I would love to hear "5,6,7,8!" and learn how to tap someday! It sounds like fun!.. and I'm glad you love to write, because I enjoy hearing what you have to say, and seeing everything you make! As for TIVO, I don't even have cable, so hardly know what TIVO is!! Dear Daughter says "it's awsome!"