Sunday, May 31, 2009


I got one of the bird houses because One Can't Have Too Much Yard Art!

And of course there were lots of goodies to go along with the hamburgers, hot dogs, and taco salads.

This beautiful detailed quilt is being raffled off. The detail is gorgeous. Each square was designed by a different quilter in the group. I am going to win this. Maybe.


Altered Glass said...

What fun!!! I loved the pic with all the bird houses... oh my, there are a few there I would love to have, or even make. And that quilt is just stunning. I can't even imagine how many hours are wrapped up in that, even for each quilter.. Thanks for the pics of your fun day!

Keetha Broyles said...

Small town fun!!! Gotta love these festivals.

BTW - - - since I'm a new follower-fan, tell me the "history" of your blog name, pretty please!!!

Gini said...

Hi Lynn. I just love the birdhouses, you're right you can't have too many. I would have had difficulty in stopping at choosing just one. You chose a positively palatial one for your front garden!