Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A "Gift" From My Sister

My sister found this at the Folsom Street Fair last year. I saw it at her house recently and realized it would "go" in my house ever so much better. She had purchased it because our ancestors from our daddy's side come from Bucks County.
I pointed out the many red areas of my house.
I pointed out that I live in a rural area.
I pointed out that we have horses on our property and therefore would have Feed and Tack.
Therefore, I should be the keeper of the bucket.
I whined a little and she gave it to me.
It looks Great in my house!!
Thanks, Barb!


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

You have a good sister to give up such a neat bucket! Now you have to do something nice for her ;-)

Lynn said...

I did! I quit whining and begging!

Candy said...

First of all your mother was a beautiful young lady.
I discovered Connie Talbot while search on YouTube for music for a ukulele band I am in.
She was on the British Idol (like our American Idol), Simon must run them both.
She is just the sweetest thing and had everyone in a spell when she sang 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' If you can search for it, I'm sure you would like it. If you need help finding it, just ask.


bj said...

Ok now, this must one fine sister to give up this cute thing!! Probably all your whining and she was afraid you were fixin to have a fit is what got you this fine piece of red!!
I love it!! I'm whining....is it doing any good....? i didn't think so!!
xo bj

Beansieleigh said...

LOL!!! Too-ooo FUNNY!! If all else fails, try whining! I'm glad it worked for you! (0;

Chari said...

Hi Lynn...

I just read the sweet note that you left on my little Easter bunny...I'm so glad that you came by for a visit and thank you for the sweet comments!!!

My friend, I love your feed and tack bucket! Hmmm...what are you doing to do with it...pretty flowers? I love how you talked your Sis out of it...you sound like my Sis and me! Hehe!!! I really enjoyed looking down through your blog! I especially loved the post you did "Things you'll never hear coming out of my mouth"! Girl, you're a hoot!!! I'm taking it that you're a city girl gone country? It sounds like you've takin' a liking to the country life! It's the best!!! I've lived both and I'll take the country over the city...any ol' day!!!

Warmest wishes,